Empire Cables is one of the leading Suppliers of Industrial Power Cables. In addition, we also provide Insulated Power Cables and High Voltage Power Cables of high efficiency. We can offer Power Cables as per the requirements of the customer. Power Cables are for use with heavy machines, feeders and branch circuits in industrial, commercial and electric utility applications.


  • High Efficiency
  • Good Thermal Resistivity of Soil
  • Long Lasting
  • Ductile

Cable insulation material used is of a high resistance to the flow of electric current to prevent leakage of current from a conductor. Common materials include cross-linked polyethylene (XLP), polyethylene (PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A cable conductor is a wire or combination of wires not insulated from one another, suitable for carrying electric current.

  • Conductor
    • Copper or Aluminium
  • Applicable Standard
    • IS : 1554 (Part -1) : 1988
  • Range
    • 1C x 50 sq. mm to 1C x 400 sq. mm
    • 2C x 1.5 sq. mm to 2C x 250 sq. mm
    • 3C x 1.5 sq. mm to 3C x 250 sq. mm
    • 4C x 1.5 sq. mm to 4C x 250 sq. mm
    • 3.5 x 10 sq. mm to 3.5 x 250 sq. mm

Cable Construction
Conductor : Copper or Aluminium used for the Conductors obtained in the form of rods (8.0 mm Copper or 9.5 mm aluminium rods). After testing, rods are drawn into wires of required sizes. These wires are formed into final Conductor in the stranding machines under strict “Quality Assurance Program”.

Insulation : PVC is insulated over Conductor by Extrusion process. Extruded layer of PVC 70°C/85°C/105°C (conforming to IS: 5831: 1984) with colours as per specification or cores are identified by printing numbers under scheme as per IS: 1554(Part – 1): 1988.

Core Identification
For Power cables the cores are identified by different colours as per IS 1554 :

  • Single Core : Red, Black, Yellow or Blue
  • 2 Core : Red and Black
  • 3 Core : Red, Yellow and Blue
  • 3½ Core : Red, Yellow, Blue, and reduced neutral core in Black
  • 4 Core : Red, Yellow, Blue and Black

Laying : The insulated cores are laid up in right hand or alternating left & right hand direction of lay in the sequence of core numbers or colours. Wherever necessary; non-hygroscopic PP/PVC fillers & binder tape are used to form a compact and reasonably circular cable.

Bedding/Inner Sheath : All armoured cables have extruded PVC bedding. The PVC used for bedding is compatible with the temperature of Insulation material. An extruded layer of PVC is applied as bedding or PVC tape (conforming to IS: 5831: 1984)

Armouring (If requested) : When armouring is required, the armour consists of single layer of Galvanized steel wire conforming to IS: 3975. The armour is applied helically, with a left hand direction. We also provide other armours such as steel strip, tape or tinned copper. Single core cables are armoured with Aluminium or copper wires.

Outersheath : The standard cables are manufactured with Extruded black PVC Type-9 of B.S. 7655 or ST-2 of IEC 60502. Outer sheath is embossed or printed with the information required by the related standards. Special FR, FRLS compounds are used for outer sheathing of cables, to suit customer’s specification requirements.

Maximum conductor temperature 70o
Ambient air temperature 40o
Ground temperature 30o
Depth of laying(for cable laid directly in ground 75 cm(1.1KV)
Thermal resistivity of soil 150o cm/watt
Thermal resistivity of cable 650o cm/watt
Max. short-circuit conductor temperature 160o
Max. Ambient Air Temperature 55o


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