Design of screens and shields:

Solid aluminum foil is the preferred shielding media for telecommunications cables because it provides 100% coverage for high frequency (i.e. greater than 100 MHz) applications, as well as low electrical resistance. The thickness of the foil shield is selected so that 30 MHz and higher frequency signals cannot penetrate the shield. This design approach ensures that higher frequency signals will not be able to penetrate the foil shield and lower frequency signals will not interfere with the twisted-pairs due to their good balance performance.


  1. Reduced pair-to-pair crosstalk in fully-shielded designs
  2. Reduced alien crosstalk in screened and fully-shielded designs
  3. Screened category 6A cable diameters are generally smaller than 6A UTP cables allowing greater pathway fill/utilization
  4. Substantially improved noise immunity at all frequencies and, especially above 30 MHz when cable balance starts to significantly degrade
  5. Significantly increased Shannon capacity for future applications
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