Empire telephone cables are processed by high-speed state-of-the-art machinery. The conductor is made of pure electrolytic grade, super annealed, tinned copper and is insulated with good quality PVC. The cores are carefully twisted together with suitable lays and bunched together such that the cross talk is reduced. Also the cores may be helically wrapped with Myler or Polyester tape. A nylon ripcord is also provided in order to safely peel off the jacket without damage to the cores. The laid up and bunched cores are finally jacketed with PVC for indoor application.

The cables generally confirm to ITD specifications for outdoor application, the above mentioned cables can be provided with G.I wire/ strip armoured and over all PVC jacket confirming to IS:1554 Part 1 – 1988 to make them suitable for underground Trench/duct laying.

Armour material confirming to IS:3975. Jacket PVC compound confirming to ST-1 of IS:5831/TM-2 of IS:13176.

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